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Rozalin Palace and Gardens is the former manor of Rosalie of the noble Lubomirski Rzewuska family. Today, more than 150 year later, Rozalin opens the gates for you. Come and discover the delightful park and nineteenth-century palace designed by Henryk Marconi, in close proximity to Warsaw. This is a combination of elegance and classic.

Currently, Rozalin Palace organises wedding receptions and outdoor church weddings. Our wedding receptions, situated just outside of Warsaw, are always planned down to the finest detail. We also organise events, conferences and trainings. Our proximity to Warsaw makes Rozalin Palace the perfect location for these kinds of events.

 If you dream of hosting a beautiful and unforgettable event, this is the perfect choice for you.


przyjęcia weselne pod Warszawą

Wedding receptions

Wedding receptions at Rozalin Palace, just outside of Warsaw, are primarily elegant, open-air banquets. We provide professional services, tailored to meet individual needs. We organise unique wedding receptions. The area surrounding Warsaw where Rozalin Palace is situated is the ideal place to spend this special time.


Family events

Whether you are organising a large wedding reception or an intimate family gathering, we treat each task with which we are entrusted with the same care and creativity. We will make sure your family event is unique and memorable.

przyjęcia weselne okolice Warszawy


The Rozalin Palace Catering project has begun. Now anyone anywhere can taste our Chef’s special dishes.



Rozalin Palace is a closed and guarded estate, which makes it an ideal venue for discrete corporate events, trade picnics or meetings with key customers. We prepare unforgettable events. The outskirts of Warsaw, where Rozalin Park is situated, are a favourable location for closing contracts and integrating in a comfortable atmosphere.


Training & Events

Holding a conference for 500 people with a connected chill-out area? No problem. We organise corporate trainings, even for a few hundred people, finishing off with a real club party.





From Stara Wioska to Rozalin

The initiator of renaming Stara Wioska to Rozalin was the estate’s new owner, Alexandra Francis Teofila of the Lubomirski Rzewuska family. She was christened in memory of her mother, Rozalia of Chodkiewicz Lubomirska, whom she lost in Paris. She named her new estate in honour of her late mother.

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The youth of Rosalie Rzewuski
Her mother, Rozalia Lubomirska, was arrested in Paris on charges of conspiracy in the counter-revolution (for facilitating international contacts for the imprisoned Marie Antoinette). She was sent to the guillotine on 30 June 1794. Little Alexandra was placed in the prison hospital, where she was found by her father’s envoy and brought back to the country.


The establishment of the palace

Very little historical evidence on the construction of the palace has been preserved. From what we know, it was commissioned by Rosalie Rzewuska. Construction must have taken place between 1847 and 1857, which marks the year the owner spent her first summer here. The design of the Palace is attributed to Leonardo Marconi’s father, Henry. Rozalin Palace looks similar to the palace of William Rau, which is placed in Warsaw at Ujazdowskie Avenue.

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From owner to owner

In 1864, Rosalie Rzewuska sold Rozalin palace. In 1892 the owner was Countess Maria Kwilecki Zawisza. After her death, the property passed on to her daughter – Magdalena Radziwiłówna. In 1923 Dr. Kazimierz Rakowski became the owner. It was later passed down to his daughter, Bronislawa Stankiewicz, from whom it was illegally expropriated in 1949. In 1949 it was declared a monument and passed to youth organizations.

The dispute surrounding Rozalin Palace

Rozalin Palace became well known as a result of a dispute surrounding its ownership. It was fought over by users and others pretending to be the rightful owner – Krystyna Krysowska, heir to the last owner of the palace. In February 1993 the Supreme Administrative Court ultimately issued a final judgment confirming Krystyna Krysowska as the owner of the palace and park in Rozalin near Warsaw.


Rosalie’s failed marriage

In 1805 Rosalie married her cousin Wacław Rzewuski, the son of Hetman Seweryn, and the future famous Emir, Taj al-Fahr. Their marriage was not successful, although they did give birth to four children. She preferred journeys to Italy, the Riviera, Vienna, and St. Petersburg, where she ran in court circles, whereas he, when he was not in the Middle East, preferred to stay at his family’s estate in Podhorce. She was an enemy to all revolutions, and he was involved in the uprising of 1830. He died in May 1831 in a battle in the Bałucki district.

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Rosalie’s children
The two elder sons of Wacław and Rosalie took part in the November Uprising. Stanislaw, a highly touted historian, literary scholar and philosopher, died young. Their third son, Witold, died as a young officer in the Caucasus. The eldest son Leon also died childless. Their only daughter, Kaliksta, also ended up in an unhappy marriage and died young, leaving Rosalie with two Italian granddaughters.

Passion for the quill
Rosalie also dabbled in writing. In 1836 she wrote of her journey to Constantinople, and throughout her life wrote in her journals. They were published by her great-granddaughter in Rome in 1939 under the title: “Mémoires de la Comtesse Rosalie Rzewuska”.


Return to its former glory

Today the palace and surrounding parks belong to private owners. After years of neglect, the palace has been carefully restored and impresses everyone with its beauty. The old splendour has been restored… Today Rozalin Palace hosts wedding receptions near Warsaw, events and outdoor wedding ceremonies. The area close to Warsaw in which we are situated is extremely picturesque.


Every year rallies featuring unique vintage cars are held on the property.
Last season we had the honour of hosting fans of the cult Mercedes-Benz W113 Pagoda model, a classic that true motoring fans dream of.




Inspiracją do projektu balustrady butikowego hotelu był  obraz Maneta pod tytułem „Balkon”.


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The dishes served by Rozalin Palace’s head chef, are derived from traditional recipes of former Polish haute cuisine. We gladly return to the days when saddle of venison and roast wild boar stuffed with smoked bacon and bear garlic shone on the table. Our guests admire duck breasts stuffed with antonówka apples and foie gras mousse. Wedding receptions outside of Warsaw are not complete without these dishes. We work with seasonal products, all carefully selected and tested.

We also love fish. After a long return to favour, we are rediscovering cod. Served in wine sauce with spinach or cilantro, it enchants us all over again. We value and promote good native beef because we understand that no elegant party can do without chopped tartare with quail egg, a little green pepper and anchovies. Our royal beef meatballs with a delicious sauce made from porcini mushrooms collected in the Młochowski Forest also pamper the palate. This is what makes weddings around Warsaw so delicious.




The delicacies of the coming season at Rozalin Palace come from old Varsovian dishes from pre-war times. It was back then that residents of the capital were tucking into broth cooked with striploin, galantine of turkey, tench in cream sauce, and finally dumplings stuffed with carp and walnuts, which were popular in the 20s. Only true Varsovians are able to appreciate the taste of beef tripe with veal meatballs and marjoram, and crayfish cooked in broth with tarragon and cloves. These are just some of the flavours you can find at Rozalin. These kinds of dishes and outdoor weddings near Warsaw are the perfect combination.

Our customers are always treated exceptionally. For each party, menus are specially crafted after a discussion about culinary preferences. During the banquet, the chef personally oversees the quality of the dishes. He can also be found amongst the guests monitoring the culinary buffets and islands. We are at the crossroads of where nature and tradition blend seamlessly with delicious taste and smell.


Venison like you’ve never tasted!



Rozalin legend has it that Napoleon Bonaparte passed through our lands not entirely without reason. He paused to plant some oak trees, which today stand in the surrounding park as proud monuments.


If you would like to visit Rozalin Palace, please contact us by phone or email to arrange a meeting.



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Przyjęcia weselne, spotkania rodzinne, wydarzenia okolicznościowe

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Pałacowa 27
05-831 Rozalin




kontakt-1 From Warsaw, take Trasa Katowicka (No. 8)

kontakt-2Turn left at the traffic light In the village of Siestrzeń (15 km from Janki),
And follow the signs towards Rozalin

kontakt-3 Straight 2 km to Ul. Pałacowa.