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Unique Cuisine

Our cuisine is definitely Polish taste, but in a light modern version. We feel very comfortable with meat, especially game. The team of chefs prepares smoked meats for our guests' tables, supervises the preparation and smoking process, selects the appropriate wood and temperature. The products that we use to create the menu card are ordered from reliable suppliers, conducting, among others, ecological cultivation and farming. The concept of terrior is close to us, so we try to combine ingredients from one region in our dishes.

“Palace Rozalin” complex is a workshop of ideas and a collection of personality. We are inspired by nature, because nature means - life. We are guided by the expression of emotion on the plate. For us, making recipes is an intellectual challenge that needs excellent ingredients, preparation techniques and taste memory. We try to include all this in one dish, creating new sensations in which we convey our heart and passion. This in turn, turning into art on a plate, is a kind of metaphor for what cannot be seen at first glance. Art sometimes becomes our obsession motivating us to act and strive for perfection.

Presentation of food
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Our Kitchen team travels around the world, trying different flavours, but their memories always return to the best in Poland and these are our flavours in Rozalin - venison, forest mushrooms, Polish fish, crayfish, bread which is for us the foundation of every meal. We select ingredients based on quality and seasonality.

In the “Palace Rozalin” complex, we cultivate our own garden from which we draw vegetables, herbs and flowers. You will be surprised by the taste of our tomatoes, the intense smell of mint and the visual effect of decorating dishes from our edible flowers.

Szklarnie przy Pałacu Rozalin