The Oficyna restaurant is located within the palace and park complex in Rozalin. Our restaurant was founded on the historical walls of the former Outbuilding of the Rozalin Palace – the estate of Rozalia – princes of Lubomirski Rzewuska. The facility is located among picturesque forest complexes, vast fields, meadows and ponds, which can be seen from the inside of the restaurant. Chef – Tomasz Łagowski is a lover of Polish flavors. Creating the avant-garde Polish cuisine. We choose the best possible products. The most important for us is the quality and aesthetics of serving dishes. In the respect of tradition, culture and time, we try to give them, a new sound. Our cuisine is not pretentious, we hope that visiting us would be a unique experience for you – an experience of hospitality!


Tradition 50%

We have the taste of Polish cuisine in our DNA, we try to create Polish cuisine anew, but we do not forget about what was created for a long time. We mainly use products that Poland gives us, thanks to our stripes and hard work we bring them to perfection. Respecting tradition, culture and time, we try to give these products a new sound. From the perspective of the time and place where we located, hospitality is the most important for us. Time spent together in a group of people close to us.


Our kitchen is not pretentious, has to be unique. We feel the need to reinvent ourselves. Numerous hours spent in front of the oven, trials and tastings, led us to create something different, our own rhetoric in combination with already known flavours, but in a new version. We don’t want to be unique or to be like a shining shooting star, but we are sure that we create it will not be possible to try anywhere in the world. Our goal is to create a new tomorrow of Polish cuisine in an avant-garde setting.


Great cuisine is only possible with the best product. The most important for us is quality, freshness, seasonality and natural taste. In respect of amazing products throughout the country, we believe that the best ones are closest to us. They form the core products of our kitchen, on which we base everything / We want authenticity, which is why we grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in our garden. The most recognized dishes are those that extract the best from the product. We want to share this with you

Dear guest, during summer and on weekends, we invite you to our open-air garden bistro, where we serve short seasonal menu from a live cooking station. We encourage to go on the occasion for a walk in our park and spend a nice time. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

If You wonder an individually composed tasting menu or you would like to organize an unusual dinner please contact us. Our team will be happy to prepare a menu proposal, including good wine or additional elements as a part of Private Dining.


Saturday 13:00 – 21:00
Sunday 13:00 – 18:00

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Private Dining

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+48 515 485 000


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